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Zong Network is growing day by day because of its awesome service and fine policies. Today we will be discussing Zong SMS packages that are a very hot topic on everyone’s tongue.

Zong is a China Pak telecom company founded in 2008 and now it’s one of the biggest grossing company in Pakistan. Zong’s sizzling offers and smart packages attract the common people and they are more likely inclined towards this network. In recent time Zong has outclassed its rivals by outreaching and effectively improving their signaling services that take Zong to a new level.  Zong is now the second largest GSM Company of Pakistan and 3rd in terms of its Subscribers (26 Million) and they are also improving each day along with the escalation of Zong. Zong has a massive outreach in more than 100 cities and still empowering its services in other distant places. Zong excels in providing 3G and 4G Internet services and 4G Internet service of Zong has surpassed all other networks and it is #1 in high speed testing and also grabs award of No. 1 Operator of Voice and data services by PTA. Zong is now sharing 21% approximately the cellular operators of the country.

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Recently Zong’s outreach program is started and that was a very good initiative of them to outreach those areas where people are facing serious issues regarding Network coverage. After the success of that program now Zong has won the hearts of many people and now they prioritize Zong other relevant networks.

Zong not only gives you merely SMS and call packages in their offers but also gives you a scintillating offer of Internet usage of WhatsApp, Facebook and many more. In this way, you can also keep using the Internet without reaching your desktop every time and with your own cell phone, you can surf quite easily without any hesitation. Zong has declared several packages including Zong SMS packages daily, Zong SMS packages weekly, Zong SMS packages 15 days and Zong SMS packages monthly. We will be focusing all packages one by one and at the end, you will decide the package that suits you and after considering all Pros and Cons you can easily select the package that appeals you.

Zong SMS Packages Daily

Zong made some changes in the daily super bundle and now Zong SMS packages daily have more appealing deals that you haven’t seen before. The daily package bundles are not edited day by day but after few months after updating several policies, Zong releases their bundles again. The good sign is that if you subscribe the offer then you can also enjoy another offer at the same time without canceling this which also adds a plus point in these light packages. Now there are some steps you need to take to activate and enjoy this happy deal.

Total Price Rs: 3.9
Total SMS 500 SMS/Day
WhatsApp 30 MB/ Day
Activation of Package Dail *786# then Reply with 1
Validity Date Midnight
Bonuses 100 MMS/Day

There is another deal called as Zulu SMS daily offer that also suits well often for various people too. In this smart package, many people are covered that cannot avail other option of the daily bundle. This can be A/B Testing offered by Zong to check out which package is working and which one is not. Let’s check it out.

Total Price Rs: 3.9
Total SMS 500 SMS/Day
WhatsApp 30 MB/ Day
Activation of Package Dail *704# or text sub to 704
Validity Date Midnight
Bonuses 1 MB/Day

Zong SMS Packages Weekly

Zong SMS packages weekly offer is great too in many aspects because in the low budget you can enjoy full week SMS without subscribing daily and surely that saves your time. After completing a week you can also continue that bundle or switch to any other desirable offer that suits you better than other. The offer is as under.

Total Price Rs: 14
Total SMS 1200
WhatsApp 30 MB/ Day
Activation of Package *702#
Unsubscribing Unsub to 700
Validity Date Full Week
Bonuses 1 MB

Zong SMS Packages Monthly

Zong SMS packages monthly is a big hit again and it targets those customers that have larger social networks or they are quite busy talking in terms of business or any other reasons. This the most suited Sms offer that is more appealing to many people that use texting quite often. This deal suits a lot to them. Now check out the prerequisites of that deal by detail.

Total Price Rs: 50
Total SMS 500/ 30 Days
WhatsApp 30 MB/ Day
Activation of Package *705#
Unsubscribing Unsub to 700
Validity Date Full Month
Bonuses 30 MB/ Day


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