Toyota Corolla GLI 2019 Model Details and Price in Pakistan

Toyota Corolla GLI 2019 is the latest model of corolla GLI series manufactured by Toyota. The company introduced in 1966 with its sub-compact car models. The corolla cars by Toyota are the best sold worldwide by 1974. And Corolla got the clear best-selling name-plate in the whole world 1997. In 2013 the Company reached a milestone of Corolla cars sold over its eleventh generation. The whole series passed through the many major redesigns.  In the naming tradition of  Toyota Company, it is mostly called as Toyota Corolla. In which corolla means “crown” or “small crown”. In Japan, the Corolla has always been exclusive to Toyota corolla stores locations and manufactured in Japan.  The earlier models by the Toyota were mostly the rear wheel drive, while the later was the front wheel and after that, the four wheels drive versions were also produced.

Toyota Corolla GLI Model Overview:

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Toyota Corolla GLI is the 11th generation launched by the Toyota Indus Motor Company since July 2014 in Pakistan. The 2018 model of Toyota GLI front engine and front wheel drive sub-compact model. That GLI model is most popular among all its companions in Pakistan. Toyota Corolla has a variety of models with an option between 3-engines, 4 transmissions, and 5-trims levels. Toyota Corolla GLI 2019 series cars are fully automated cars with updated features.

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Toyota Corolla GLI 2019 Model Introduction:

Toyota Corolla GLI 2019 is assumed to be launched in 2019. The main attributes of the Toyota GLI 2019 will be the same as the previous year model after the face-lift update. However, in the recent variants market dynamics, the model 2019 may lead to some little cosmetic changes. The Toyota Corolla 2019 model is a sub-compact sedan, front engine, and the front-wheel-drive model. Furthermore, it is assumed that Toyota Corolla GLI 2019 model will get almost the same popularity in the market like to 2018 model of Toyota got.

2019 Latest Model Toyota Corolla GLI Exterior Features:

Toyota Corolla GLI 2019

  • The cars of series Toyota Corolla have premium design language.
  • In fact, GLI 2019 looks more modern than the previous ones.
  • The car contains swept headlights with front ends houses smooth narrow sides.
  • There is a large grille in the front with a trapezium air intake and chrome accent.
  • The back end houses of the car contain the swept sharp side taillights with a large bumper.
  • There is a chrome trim piece running the length of a trunk.
  • The different variants of the Toyota Corolla GLI 2019 almost contain the identical design styling.
  • But this car model contains a unique design that makes it different from the cars of its class.

Interior Features of Toyota Corolla GLI 2019:

  • The corolla 2019 car comprises black & beige plastic pieces.
  • The rear and front seats are covered with ivory color fabric.
  • The base variants have the standard features which contain power steering, Tachometer, Air-conditioning.
  • Moreover, the higher variants include satellite navigation connection, multifunction steering wheel switches & two Air-bags.
  • Toyota Corolla GLI 2019 contains two air-bags front and rear camera and cruise controls.
  • There is a paddle swift and sunroof is also available in its interior features.
  • It also contains a leather upholstery and entertainment system.
  • The whole interior cabin of the car is very luxurious, practical and spacious as well.

Model Specifications:


Besides with the stylish exterior designing and luxurious interior features, the 2019 Corolla GLI has also some attractive Specification features.

  • The car contains 1.3 liters DOHC 16 Valve-I 85bph@6000RPM engine, Which seems to be very powerful.
  • Four-speed automatic super ECT transmission.
  • Corolla 2019 will achieve the average mileage between 12KM/L to 14KM/L. And from the 55-liter fuel tank, its estimated coverage is 660KM to 770KM.
  • The competitors of the Toyota Corolla GLI 2019 will be Honda civic 2019, Suzuki Ciaz and City Aspire.
  • The car contains a 1300cc displacement.
  • It contains a 470 kg luggage compartment capacity.
  • The minimum turning radius of the tire is 5.4 m.
  • The car contains an anti-lock braking system.
  • There are ventilated discs brakes for front tires and solid discs for rear tires.
  • The rear seats of the car contain the armrest and cup-holds. It also has an illuminated entry system and power windows.

Toyota Corolla GLI 2019 Model Price in Pakistan:

Toyota Corolla series has a middle range of price from a couple of years as compared to its competitors. The series models mostly lye in a price range of 20 to 30 Lacs. But it provides you almost the same luxurious features and provides you with better comfort. In addition, Corolla GLI cars have a great mileage ratio. There are no confirmed figures announced yet, but the estimated price for the this is about PKR 2,749,000.

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