Top 6 Things Your Wardrobe Must have

We all want to look classy when we step out of our homes. Who doesn’t? We love spending time deciding what to wear and it often becomes hectic, especially when we are in a hurry. And once you are in a hurry, you are most likely to miss out even the good things you come across in your wardrobe. These are the times you better not play with your look and stay in your comfort-zone that will make you feel confident, and beauty will come along. Here is the list of fashion accessories things that ‘must’ be in your wardrobe at all times to save your life.

1. A black T-shirt or kurta

Black is everyone’s favorite and the most easy-to-carry color on planet earth. Doesn’t matter where you going, when you going, black is fit for all times. If you can’t find anything to wear, grab a t-shirt or plain black kurta and you’re ready to leave.

2. Flip flops

No, they are not that informal to wear when you going out for shopping. A perfect pair of flip flop will never disappoint you and you can move around with comfort. Heels are not the solution every time.

3. A scarf

Scarfs are never really out of fashion, either you wearing jeans or carrying an eastern-look, scarfs will always do. You just need to choose right color of it to wear and carry. With plain dress, brightly colored scarfs give life to your look.

4. Black pair of jeans

Just like black shirt, black jeans will be the perfect thing to wear when you can’t think of anything else. It’s a must!

5. Long-strapped handbag

Bag is the most favorite accessory of many and why shouldn’t it be? It makes your life a lot easier. Fill it with all the things you think you might need later, when on the go.  Or keep a separate purse for money and a pouch to carry your makeup and by the time you leave, put these two in your big-enough bag and leave happily.

5. Shades

Many might not consider it the most important accessory, but it’s not just the need of day-time but gives you the classiest look. It protects your eyes from sun rays and also hides your puffy eyes at times.









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