Top 5 upcoming Superhero Movies To Watch out in 2018

The comic book superhero is a popular genre these days.  Hollywood, in recent years, has undertaken the task of transforming comic book heroes into big screen idols. The movies have been massively popular among the audiences. Top 5 upcoming Superhero Movies Following the success of several marvel universe and DC comics’ franchises, here are 5 of the most anticipated releases to watch out for.

1. Thor: Ragnarok

Our favorite hammer wielding superhero is back in this third installment of the massively popular franchise. The movie finds Thor facing off with a new villain in the form of Cate Blanchet’s Hela. Tom Huddleston returns as Loki and The Hulk also makes an appearance! Look out for the movie in cinemas in November

2. Justice League

Following the example of the Avengers, the DC comics superhero gang comes together to fight evil in the hotly anticipated Justice League.  Keep an eye out for this one, since it promises a whole lot of action and thrill as well as the union of all your favorite crime fighting heroes including Batman, Superman, Wonder woman, Flash and Aqua man.  Jesse Eisenberg returns as the devious Lax Luther alongside fellow villain Steppenwolf. The movie hits cinemas in November.

3. Deadpool 2

After the critical and commercial success of the first movie, Ryan Reynolds returns as the sarcastic and unlikely superhero, who is poised to win our hearts once again. Look out for a round of action, adventure and a whole lot of laughs when the movie comes out in June of 2018.

4. Ant- Man and the Wasp

While the plot for this one is being kept under wraps, we know from the title that Paul Rudd returns as the titular superhero and is joined by a new female superhero, called the Wasp which is played by Evangeline Lily. Her character promises to be more than just the “female lead” making it the first marvel movie in which the super heroine is in the title. The movie releases in July of next year.

5. Aquaman

Aquaman makes our list as one of the most anticipated super hero releases of next year. Game of Thrones alum, Jason Momoa takes a turn as the aquatic superhero. Although the plot is still unclear, the film promises to be a must watch, boasting of a stellar cast including Amber Heard, Patrick Wilson and Nicole Kidman.

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