Five Features That Need Improvement In 2018 Smartphones

Smartphones, 2017 can be said that the golden year. From the Samsung Galaxy S8 to the iPhone X, consumers will definitely be dazzling array of products. But that does not mean the smartphone is perfect, and there are still some new features that need improvement. Here are the five features we look forward to seeing on the next wave of smartphones.

 1. Battery

Why smart phones screen, processor and other accessories are improving every year, but the battery has not changed? The best improvement may still take some time, and it’s hard to find. But now it’s time for the smartphone’s battery to get some boost. If so the phone will become thicker, let it be. No one likes to go home by bus in the afternoon decided to play the game on the way, but found that the phone is low battery. Manufacturers may cancel some of the design to get the battery extended working hours. While battery capacity is easy to upgrade, consumers are even more likely to see a fundamental upgrade in battery technology.

2. More Storage Space

We are about to enter 2018, hoping we no longer need to delete App and photos to get more mobile storage space. Consumers are pleased Apple gave up the 32GB phone configuration, but 64GB is also now slightly less than adequate. Rather than just letting storage space meet the needs of 2018, handset developers should let them meet the needs of the coming decade. Why not break the framework to create 256GB memory standard?

3. Lifting Of the Camera Restrictions

For consumers, only a handful of functions on the importance of mobile phones can exceed the camera. Do you still remember the first Apple phone using a 2-megapixel camera; it seems that the last century. It can be said that the camera will be the future direction of the development of smart phones. Whether it is Apple, Samsung or Google, who launched a more powerful camera in 2018 who will be able to become a winner, thus leading the smart phone market.


4. Indestructible Design

Everyone hates the cell phone smashed to the ground when the glass broken sound. When you know you need at least a few hundred dollars to repair, you will feel very frustrated. It’s time to redesign the phone to be truly protected. But that does not mean that Apple or Samsung should launch a heavy, dead-end stainless steel phone. What we need is to be able to ensure that the phone will not break in the event of an accidental drop

5. Better not Bigger

Many handset manufacturers are now working on bigger phone screens, but the results are far from satisfactory. Do not make all the phones are made into a smaller iPad, why not committed to creating the perfect smart phone with one hand operation? While you can adapt to a 6-inch display and learn to do both, you can imagine scenarios where you can do everything without having to stretch your finger. So you do not need to make the phone bigger, and the developers should work to make them better

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