Top 5 Beauty Products For Every Working Women

Every working women really cares about her skin and want attractive look. We have mentioned top 5 beauty products in Pakistan which every  lady should use in her daily routine life, with the help of these products they can fulfill their desire to look beautiful. Here we have complied list of 5 beauty products.

1. Foundation (Sunscreen)

If you want to keep your skin clean, moisturized and beautiful. You must apply a foundation and Sunscreen. Sunscreen that contains SPF 30 applies to protect your skin. Sun UV rays can be harmful for all type of skins. Therefore foundations, pancake, bb cream will function as insurance policy of skin. But beware of use unhealthy products onto your face.

2. Eye Liner

Well eyeliner is most important make up for daily use. Eye liner makes your eyes bigger, beautiful and attractive. If anyone has small eyes and she wants to look moiré attractive just use 1 stroke of eye pencil and that’s it. Eyes are the most sensational part of face it interact people to look. But if you are not confident with your plain eyes use Eyeliner or Kajal. It will be definitely provide you some help. Eyeliners are available in several colors wear with according to wish.

 3. Mascara

Eye Mascara is basically used to lift Eyelashes and gives you more eye-catching look. Use best Mascara to apply on eyelashes and avoid contacting eyes. Maybelline and Lakme products are best to use. First curl your lashes then apply mascara. It will provide give you satisfying result. Don’t use Fake eyelashes in your daily routine.

4. Blush On

Blush on is my favorite product from my makeup list. It can lift your complete look with just little bit baby pink shade use onto your cheeks and yeah! you are glowing. Direction of applying blush on is mandatory little pinch of it also use apply on nose. That will give you natural and fresh look you feel yourself beautiful and gorgeous.

5. Lipstick

How your look could be complete without a lipstick. If you are not in mood to apply any makeup just use a dark color of lipstick and that’s enough. Red color looks good and elegant on every skin tone. Use light color of lipstick with dark make up it will give you a perfect look.

These five products are mandatory to lift up your look as per daily hectic working routine.



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