Toilet Inspired Bill Gates This Year 2017

This year we were greeted by a number of Bollywood movies and many of them flopped, but among the shadows of the big dogs, the multimillion dollar movies came a movie that is humble, unique and has an amazing story. With the like of Akhsay Kumar spearheading the project, Toilet became a huge success not only in India but in the US as well. It became the 4th highest grossing Bollywood film raking in an astonishing $34 million. It became such as huge hit that Bill Gates the founder of Microsoft recently tweeted things about 2017, what he did and how his year went amount the most shocking things was his admiration for Toilet – A love story.

In his tweets Gates suggested how 2017 was by far a “tough year”, he made a list of all the events and things that inspired him in this years, He said that Toilet (which was his number 2 on the list) which according to him “educated audiences about India’s sanitation challenge”. Gates who is a philanthropist and an environmental expert. Knows too well that there are basic necessities that are not being given to the people by each government. He knows how people have to suffer while the rich are fattening away in their mansions. Bill gates is the biggest donator of charity, he wants to help people and wants to make their lives better.

Gates suggested that the film is an inspiration to all and especially the Indian audience and the government. Toilet is about how a woman leaves a man after marriage as he doesn’t have a toilet and this man’s amazing journey of self discovery, breaking stereotypes and helping realize that an issue as small as this can be considered life or death. This is a lesson for us all, we should not force regional stereotypes and norms on everyone, they can live their lives as they please and holding them by the neck to follow such rules can often have major consequences. The movie itself is comedy gold and has made people laugh all over the world. These kinds of films need to be created and shown to fight the stereotypical audience of countries.

Bill Gates naming the movie has created a Gold standard of movies, this will encourage more people to take up these kinds of topics as the smallest issue can have the biggest story. It is a waiting game to see how this movie has an effect on us.

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