Future Of Projects Tainted By Allegations Of Sexual Misconduct

In the second half of this year we saw a rise in Sexual Misconduct allegations against famous celebrities the like of Harvey Weinstein. These allegations went downhill when alot of the allegations were confirmed by actors themselves. A Lot of the actors came out and admitted their fault, this stirred the pot and people demanded and answer. As more and more victims came forward with evidence and their statements, the viewer ratings dropped and many of the owners of famous TV shows refused to comment on any of the matters as they didn’t want to involve themselves in this mess.

Many of the actors who were once planned to do specific shows lost their jobs and production stopped immediately on those projects some of the projects such as an HBO film starring Mark Halperin, An Amazon series starring Robert De Niro which was produced by the Weinstein Company. were all cancelled by their respective agencies due to the avoidance of supporting someone who is being charged or accused with Sexual Misconduct.

The Netflix Series, the House of Cards has also been cancelled upon news that Kevin Spacey is also being accused of Sexual Misconduct. This rise in allegations has opened the eyes of many people who claimed that the film business is all fun and games. It’s not for the people who are suffering. These allegations are not stopping and everyday more and more celebrities are coming forward with information about something that happened to them or to a friend or loved one. These allegation are making sure that alot of the celebrities who were once basking in their glory, are now falling face first in mud and they cannot get up.

These allegations come with a price alot of the famous shows will not be produced anymore at least not with the same cast, and although this issue is to be supported, the main point of the matter is that why has this been delayed, why is this news coming out now? These allegations should not be taken lightly, and people who support these criminals are suggesting that they are the same monsters as the people they support.

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