Suzuki GS 150 Price in Pakistan – full Specifications and Features

Suzuki GS 150 is the motorbike made by the by successful Pak Suzuki Motors company in 2008. Pak Suzuki Motors Company limited is the branch of a Japanese automaker Suzuki. Suzuki is famous worldwide for making different categories of vehicles. The vehicles manufactured by the Suzuki are very reliable to use. They are successfully making cars of different models and categories and motorbikes as well. All the vehicles are very reliable and comfortable to especially in Pakistan.

Pak Suzuki motors Establishment History:

In September 1982 the company was founded due to the joint venture of Pakistan government and Suzuki Motors Japan. They formalized the arrangement through which  Awami automated. had made Suzuki SS80in 1982. Pak Suzuki is a market leader in the automobile market of Pakistan by getting more than 60% market share from December 2011. Nowadays it more famous for the manufacturing affordable motorbike with latest features and the long lasting cars. The tagline of the Suzuki motors truly describes itself and its products.

Suzuki GS 150 production in Pakistan:

Suzuki GS 150 CC is the most powerful motorbike design made by the Pak-Suzuki motors. The motorbike has complete latest features. The motorbike has a very reliable body style. Suzuki GS 150 cc is available in different colors in the market. The motorbike was launched in different countries of the world. But most of its models were highly sold in India and Pakistan.  The bike was launched in November 2008. Suzuki GS 150 cc entered the market and become the strong competitor for the other motorbikes models. In Pakistan and India, the bikes fall between two classes. One is known as the commuter class and other is known as the premium class.

The commuter class bikes are fully featured but in affordable price and the premium bikes are kind of luxurious and highly paid.

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The Suzuki GS 150 was awarded for its performance by the NDTV profiles cars bikes awards 2010 as the motorcycle of the year. By manufacturing the Suzuki GS 150 the Pak Suzuki Company has given the tough competition in two-wheeler production competition. There are two versions of Suzuki 150 cc bike that is Suzuki GS 150 and GS 150 SE. let’s check out the specifications of both the models in details.

Suzuki GS 150 and GS 150 SE Specifications in Pakistan:


Here down below I am giving the knowledge about the key features and full specifications of the GS 150 and 150 SE in details.

As you can all observed that Suzuki is the most popular 150 cc bike on the road today. The bike is said to be fully accomplished for some special reasons. Most pointing feature in the history of Suzuki bikes Pakistan is its electric start along with the kickstart as well.

  • The engine of the bike: the GS 150 contains the most powerful performance engine full of energy. The engine is 4 strokes air-cooled fully liked by most of the youth of Pakistan.
  • Displacement: the bike has 150 cc displacement.
  • It has a bore stroke of 57.0 x 56.8 mm.
  • Bike contains the pressure compression ratio of 9.2:1.
  • There is a wet type multi-plate clutch in the bike.
  • 5-speed highest transmission supported by the bike.
  • You can start the bike through two methods. The electric one and kick start.
  • There is a backbone frame available on the bike.
  • It contains 1890 body dimensions.
  • Total petrol capacity by the tank of the bike is 12L.
  • The front tire is 2.75-18 mm
  • The back tire is 3.0-18 mm.
  • The total dry weight of the bike is 116kg and ground clearance is 155 mm.
Suzuki GS 150 SE Modified Ideas:

suzuki gs150 pakistan

There are lot more ideas to modified the motorbike in many ways. The user can modify its bike to increase the efficiency of the bike. You can modify its body parts by Ravi storm body parts. The tires can be replaced by the big tires at back. If replace the tires with the huge one then you need to sacrifice the speed but the road trip will be awesome. The braking system of the bike can also be modified. Search for more suggestion and have a great experience with biking.

Suzuki GS 150 and 150 SE Price in Pakistan:

In the Pakistani market, the online market suggestions and offline as well the price of the Suzuki GS 150 is starting from 150,000/- PKR. The repairing cost of the bike is also very economical. You can get its spare parts at a very normal price. The price of the bike is also in the mid-range as well. In spite of this model, the Suzuki GS 150 SE price is starting from 170,000/- PKR. A little bit high from the GS 150 due to a minor difference in the feature and the body.

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