Role of Entertainment in Our Life – Types of Entertainment

We are living in a hectic life which has full of miseries and in fortunes but everyone has the way that how they will overcome it and the basic way is the use of entertainment it is not only used in the current century it relates as with the inventions somehow. We can say that we start with the comedian industry we have Charlie chaplain as verse it we have shakes pear, shelly and much more from the industry of literature then we use singing as a major part of the entertainment. Everything needs progress and deserve to be high from the roots of assumptions so the industry also flourished by any mean of conduction.

Entertainment in Your Daily Life

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Now we start up our day with the entertainment we often use the power of music to boost up oneself for yoga, jogging and exercise and this makes worth as it boosts up the power of energy and the level of blood. Many of the persons use music to relax their mind and swing out their mood according to their taste buds and the mentality level. We also use movies to divert our mind from a certain misshape or a bad thinking or a problem. Everyone likes to make a sequel of movies according to what he or she wants to see it could be any romantic movie or serious once it can also be an action movie or a movie with amazing thrills. But entertainment has much more faces as we use literature, novel reading etc.

Role of Social Media Entertainment

Last not the least social media is also a big example of entertainment …  Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, snapchat and much much more.

People are using as they got addicted of this and made it habit of our everyday life they start up the key of life by posting on FB or snap a pic on snapchat or any other way to be more social after posting they start scrolling the newsfeeds or status of others and then a chain of comments make a way and this situation is not only stopping here it starts with the bed in the morning and end up on the same bed but in night. Now a day’s entertainment became a hobby if a person doesn’t like to read a book so he or she can adjust them with songs, movies, socializing etc. entertainment is a part of life but we are creating an unbalance able situation which leads our society in danger.

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