Payoneer A Global Payment Solution| Activation and Sign Up Details

Payoneer, an international money transferring solution by using which we can make money transactions online across different countries of the world. The company deals with the general users and freelancers as well, widely which are using this Master card for making electronic transactions at different e-commerce platforms and getting payments from international forums like a fiver, Upwork, and freelancer etc.

What is Payoneer in Actual?

Payoneer is a company with financial services which provide digital payment services and online money transactions all over the world. To become a common user of this you must open an account in the company. All the account holders can receive and transfer money to their bank accounts. At the points of sale or online the reloadable prepaid Master Card and e-wallet of the company can be used. The company has a specialty in making online cross-border transactions in more than 150 local currencies. The company is utilizing its banking network to make local bank transfers around the world. It

The company was first founded in New York in 2005. Its headquarter is still in New York United States. Mr. Yuval Tal Scott Galit is the founder and CEO of the company. And the basic services provided by the company are international money transfer and online payments.

The famous online platforms like Airbnb, Amazon, Google, Fiver, and Upwork use the Payoneer card to send their payouts around the world. People also use this to make currency conversions and withdraw other countries local currency. Different E-commerce marketplaces like Envato also use this for their online transactions. The company Master card works with different networks to connect the E-commerce platforms or firms with publishers who are working outside the headquartered country.

How does Payoneer works in Pakistan and worldwide?

When you become a user and get registered with the company. You are provided by a virtual account that you can use to send and receive money across all the supported platforms. The user can access its account at ATMs. So the user can take out its amount by using the local ATMs very easily. The company is well known to work with the ATMs of Faysal Banks, MCB, Standard Chartered etc. Before going for a withdraw you need to make sure that your banks ATM supports Payoneer or not while withdrawing money.

Except for ATM, there is another way for withdrawing the money which is direct to your bank account. And you also have the option of making cross transfers between two Pioneers and this method is also free of cost.

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Once you are registered and verified with the company, you can receive your payments by selecting the Payoneer card as a payment on the international platforms which supports it. But if you need to make a payment from the individual client who is not linked with this payment method, then you will make a request for payment through online “request a payment” option. Enter all the requirements there and get updated by the email. And update your sender.

Payoneer Pakistan|| business importance:

In Pakistan, as we all know that PayPal transaction service is banned. Payoneer is used as a substitute at its feasible replacement. So, the people of Pakistan who are looking to make international transactions use this card. As the large numbers of freelancers belong from Pakistan, their majority is using this service to make their payment methods. And it is also be used to buy things online. The company offers the Pakistanis to receive cash from different websites like Elance, Guru, Fiver, Freelancer, Upwork etc.

How to Order Payoneer in Pakistan and sign-up to its account?

You can order your card in Pakistan at the ease of your home by using the card sign-up. You just need to go to the company’s website and get register there. With filling the sign-up forms, you also need to answer a questionnaire in which you need to mention your sources of income. You also need to mention your local bank account details with some proof of identity. The scanned copies of CNIC and driver’s license are also required. According to your location, your card will be shipped to you during the registration process. After sign up the company will verify your details and dispatch your card with the mentioned address details in 10 to 20 days. But mostly you receive your card in a minimum of 10 working days.

Activation of Payoneer card:

Every account needs to be activated including this before using it. The process of activation is quite simple. You can easily do it online by accessing your account on the official site. Except online you can also activate your account by a direct phone call on the given helpline. And there are no charges for the activation of the account.

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