Pakistan Internet – Beats India In Speed

Well, it’s not every day that we get to say that we beat India at something. We are often complaining that our internet is slow and that the internet service is very poor and other countries have better Internet than us. Well lets clear that confusion as Pakistan internet has been ranked ahead on India and other countries such as Bangladesh, in fast Internet speeds. This information was released by Ookla, the speed test application and website that most of us use to know how much speed is the downloading and uploading.

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Surprisingly Pakistan holds the 89th position worldwide when comparing the internet speeds in terms of mobile Internet like 3G and 4G, According to Ookla when they completed their annual comparison of internet speeds in all of the countries in November they came across the information and have since compiled it and have released it to the public to view. Although the company takes a monthly test to make sure that what are the current internet speeds, they have confirmed that the data they have collected did not come from a single group of internet user it came from hundreds of millions of people who were tested to make sure the result is as accurate as possible.

But it’s not all good news for Pakistan, as Ookla confirmed that Pakistan held the position of 86 worldwide. Not so long ago and have since dropped three rankings which are bad news for internet users as there can be two reasons for this whether the internet companies have dropped in performances or the countries around us on the ranking have had better systems. Pakistan on 39th have had speeds of 13 Mbps which is an average reading, this is surprisingly good for Pakistan.

In the list, the best Internet belongs to Norway with lightning fast speeds of 66Mbps. That is almost 5 times that of Pakistan. Now in all of the List India surprisingly landed on the 109th position. That is 20 positions lower than Pakistan. This is a huge gap that India needs to fill in as being behind Pakistan will not be good for their technological advancements. This is Mobile Internet speeds when It comes to broadband well Pakistani’s have a right to complain. Pakistan holds the 126th position when it comes to the internet we use in our homes. With an average speed that of 6 Mbps. That is demoralizing, when we are so high in one thing and so low in the other. If you are wondering the number one spot for broadband belongs to Singapore with an astonishing speed of 150 Mbps.

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