Nokia 8 Price in Pakistan – The ‘Bothie’ Revolution Begins

Nokia is set to launch its latest cell phone is the market known as Nokia 8, now there are tons of questions regarding the new cell phone which is set to bring the ‘bothie’ revolution. Nokia 8 Price in Pakistan is down below.

Nokia 8 Price in Pakistan

Nokia 8 launched in Pakistan with great specs and features but the Nokia 8 Price in Pakistan is very affordable, its around 59,999 PKR.

Nokia 8 Specifications

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Nokia came out saying that the new phone is built to give high performance and is designed keeping in mind that they are selling this phone to content creators, it is supposed to be a well-crafted phone, keeping in mind that the company wants you the people to have fun, creating and bringing out your inner artist.

The company also revealed that the phone houses technology that is unique and helpful for content creators, they said that the world has seen a rise in content creators who are using their unique eye to see the world completely differently than the common man, Nokia is trying to select the people who are forging their own paths and want people to know themselves, and work like they want and see the world through their own perspective and have their own unique outlook.

Nokia 8 Features

The main focus of marketing the new Nokia 8 is that it has introduced a dual sight picture and video camera which they are calling bothie. The cameras house a technology that can take photos and videos simultaneously through both the front and back camera. They are saying lines like “both sides of the story” to make sure the audience understands the complexity of its camera. However, there are many camera phones that now hold this feature, and we have to wait and see if the new phone is up to the hype it has generated.  The added bonus of the bothie revolution is that the phone can be used with the dual cameras, when going live on Facebook or YouTube, this will certainly intrigue the people going to concerts or events they can share audience reaction and the event itself, so basically sky is the limit for people looking to create their own viral content.

The company is aiming to enable people to share their precious moments and experiences to bring them closer to other people, people can now take pictures of two groups together, they can also share the photos and video over all the channels and can use the phone as a tool.

OZO Technology

Aside from the photography the video will be having brilliant sound quality too, as Nokia has introduced the OZO audio technology which is used in Hollywood for their audio needs, the OZO brings fully immersive audio with 4K video quality, and the playback is so rich that you can experience exactly what the video is about. This new technology may help Nokia in delivering on its bothie revolution.

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