Made in Pakistan Fashion Show -Soon in Karachi

If you are an upcoming fashion student or a talented Fashion designer, then you are in for a treat. Made in Pakistan a Fashion showcase featuring the leading Pakistani fashion designers, The news came in a few days ago that the Fashion designers have reached an agreement to partner with the Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP)to make sure that they can create this exotic and patriotic fashion show happen. For the people living in Pakistan, you might have to travel if you are not living in Karachi as it has been confirmed that the event will take place in Karachi in 2018.

Agenda Of Made In Pakistan

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The main agenda of this fashion show is to create clothing lines that are worthy to be exported and shared with the world, this is a great opportunity for designers and young fashion students to work with the best material and the best people and highlight your talent. The Millenials can also become a part of the fashion journey as they can help produce the collections when the orders start pouring in. This type of event can be a great asset for students and teachers to learn explore and meet new people and explore new ideas in the fashion industry.

Besides providing them solid experience and mentoring in their field, it will also give the emerging designers a chance for their talent to be recognized.

The showcase promises to be a learning experience for the students, it is also a great platform for upcoming talents to show the world what they can do, the people want to encourage production and add value to their products. This will help create our fashion industry more competitive and also give a sense of wonder to people who want to enter this industry. The event will be showcasing the legends of the fashion industry, people who have been working for years and have created a name for themselves such as Amir Adnan, Fnk Asia, Deepak Perwani, Wardha Saleem and many more.

Talent Hunt

The show will also be presenting 10 emerging talents from Pakistan’s, fashion schools and will be given an opportunity to show them their work. Designers showcasing through Textile Institute of Pakistan’s (TIP) Collective Showcase would be Farah Usman, SundusTalpur, Salman Javed, Zainab Khalid are among the 10 lucky people to show their talent.

Pakistan’s fashion industry has been ridiculed time and time again, for its choices and although people have created a name for themselves, it has not helped Pakistan’s industry to grow or to create more opportunities for people, it will be exciting to see what Made in Pakistan brings to the table and it will be great if new talents can be helped.

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