Jazz SMS Packages Details

Jazz SMS Packages come in a lot of number and variety is huge when it comes to Jazz. Jazz SMS packages bring an extensive variety of web bundles to satisfy the Mobilink clients who love utilizing web on their cell phones. Beneath you can see the detail and select the correct one for you. In case you’re having issues with Jazz web settings, look at our manual for design your gadget for Jazz SMS Packages. Jazz SMS Packages brings some social information bundles for its clients who are addicts of utilizing long range interpersonal communication destinations. In these basins, you can utilize just the person to person communication locales. On the off chance that you do perusing, the standard charges apply. Today we will investigate Jazz SMS Packages including the Jazz daily, weekly and monthly web bundles. Pakistan Telecom Mobile Limited (PTML) or Jazz is a Pakistani cell specialist organization. Jazz began its tasks in 2004 and it is a completely possessed auxiliary of Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL). It has an endorser base of more than 30 million and system inclusion in excess of 20,000 areas crosswise over Pakistan.

Mobilink began tasks in 1990 as the principal GSM cell portable administration in Pakistan with a joint endeavor by Saif Group and Motorola Inc., who later sold it to Orascom Telecom, an Egypt-based multinational organization and afterward they likewise additionally sold it to Vimpelcom Group, a Russian Company. In April 2014, Mobilink took an interest in the Next Generation Mobile Services (NGMS) sell off held by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), Mobilink won the offer for the 2100 MHz 3G permits. In July 2014, they declared that their 3G system would be the nation’s biggest with more than 9000 3G-prepared cell locales.

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In November 2015, Mobilink reported its merger with Warid Pakistan, the merger was finished in July 2016 and the organizations would anticipate reconciliation and converge into a solitary brand later on. In November 2016, Mobilink declared that Warid clients would have the capacity to utilize their 3G system, and Mobilink clients will have the capacity to utilize Warid’s LTE organize.

Jazz SMS Packages Daily

Jazz SMS Packages daily have a lot of diversity. In this article, we will share finish points of interest of all most recent and refreshed Jazz 3G/4G web Packages which incorporates Ufone Hourly Internet Package, Jazz Internet Packages Weekly 1GB, Jazz Free Internet traps 2018, Jazz 3G Internet Packages Monthly Unlimited, Jazz 1GB Internet Package, Jazz is giving exceptionally focused 3G Mobile Internet Packages. Jazz has presented new administrations for its clients and has won their hearts. With the end goal to encourage the clients, Jazz is putting forth every day, week by week and month to month web bundles as indicated by their prerequisites. Jazz is simply giving 3G Services to its clients, here is the rundown of Jazz SMS Packages.

Jazz SMS Packages daily shows great variety and composition and these all packages involve all standards according to the price list. It means that anyone can choose his package according to his own need and the amount of budget he wants to pay for that package. If he pays less he can enjoy less amount of data and that applies to all the packages respectively. Jazz SMS Packages have the following rates you can check.


Pricing Data  MB Timing


Daily Light bucket

3.99 Rs. 150 24 Hrs


Daily Heavy bucket

4.50 1200 24 Hrs


Special daily bucket

6.50 1500 24 Hrs


Web bundles incorporate Jazz Prepaid day by day, week by week, month to month, 3-day and social information web bundles. Following are the four Jazz Prepaid Daily 3G Internet Packages/bundles.

Jazz SMS Packages Weekly

Jazz SMS Packages Weekly are suitable almost for everyone and are very affordable and also costs much less.


Pricing The volume Timing Code


Jazz weekly SMS package

15 Pkr 1500 SMS Week *101*1*07#


Jazz weekly offer

75 700  SMS Week *407#

Haftawaar al rounder package

84 700  SMS Week *747#

Other than Ufone Prepaid Daily, Weekly, and Monthly 3G Internet Packages, there is additionally a 3-days 3G web bundle accessible.

Jazz SMS Packages Monthly

Jazz SMS Packages Monthly are very popular and everyone enjoys chatting by activating these packages. Jazz SMS Packages Monthly involve a lot of interesting packages for young people that want Internet all day.

Jazz SMS Packages Monthly involve a monthly subscription with relatively less cost


Value Volume Offer Validity


Jazz Monthly Browser Package

60  PKR 12000 SMS 30 days


Jazz Monthly Mega Package

300    — 1000+ 30


Jazz Monthly Premium package

370   — 6000+ 30


Jazz Monthly supreme package

380    — 1200+ 30



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