Honda CD 70 2020 Price in Pakistan

Honda is the most selling bran in Pakistan today. If we look at the total bike selling ratio Honda Motorcycle holds 50% of total Motorcycle market. Next year Honda CD 70 2020 Model ready to hit the market. The company made changes every year in its products. The most popular products of the Honda Motorcycle are Honda CD 70, Honda CG 125, and Honda CB 150.

Atlas Honda is one of the top bike brand in Pakistan that’s why they have largest bike range as well. The network of sales and service is spread all around in Pakistan. Which is the key of company’s success.

The other thing is the quality of the bikes in Pakistan. Honda provides the best quality bikes to their customers with the guaranty and top quality services. The mileage of the Honda bike is one of the best reason to buy the bike in Pakistani market. The Honda CD 70 2020 gave us around 80KM per liter mileage which is very affordable for average man in Pakistan. Also, the make their bikes very comfortable so you can enjoy your rite on the longer route.

This year Atlas Honda planning to make major changes in Honda CD 70 2020 Model. The design is already changed in Honda CD 70 2019 Model but it might be possible to see all new design and technology in its next generation model.

If we look at the current Pakistan economy situation taxes and import duties increase massively that could be make an impact on the Honda CD 70 2020 price in Pakistan. The current 2019 model’s price increase several times during this year due to the unstable market. But the sales graph still going up due to the quality and service. It also comes with more than 6 months of warranty and Atlas Honda claims if any complaint is received from customers. Honda Atlas definitely outclasses other 70 cc bikes because they are way too behind it.

Now we look at the design and main features that could be implement in the next Honda CD 70 2020 Model.


Technical Specification of Honda CD 70 2020 Model

Engine Power OHC with 4- Stroke Frame Style Backbone style
Sheer Displacement 72 cm3 Dimensions of Honda motorcycle 1897 * 751 * 1014 mm
Stroke and Bore 41.4 mm * 47 Ground Clearance 136 mm
Ratio of Compression 8:8:1 Fuel Capacity 8.5 Liter
Clutch Multiple with plates Front Tire 2.25 – 17  (4 PR )
Transmission system 4-speed mash Back Tire 2.5 – 17   (4 PR )
Starting cause Kickstart Dry Weight 82 Kg
Reserve Capacity 1.5 Liter Cylinder No

Honda CD 70 2020 Model Features

  • Stylish Fuel tank with side covers graphics that makes the bike look more beautiful and eye catchy.
  • Durable 70cc OHC Econo Power Engine to give bike more power and thrust.
  • Comfortable seat for 2 persons sitting capacity so you can enjoy the ride with your loved once.
  • Thicker Sporks and rear wheel is more comfortable and tough design gave you more power to the off road experience and you don’t feel heavy speed breakers and road bumps.
  • Sporty muffler exhaust reduce bike noise and air pollution problems.
  • Comes with Japanese technology so you don’t need to worry about the quality.
  • 3 years engine warranty is already to make you happier.
  • Fuel efficiency is the best feature for common man because it gave us 80KM in a single liter fuel.
  • Low maintenance cost and parts availability.
  • 9 Liter Fuel Tanker Ample Capacity makes it impressive to take the ride for a long time without any hurdle.
  • Switch assembly with modern technology is a new innovative feature by Japan designers.
  • Powerful brakes covered with asbestos help to stop it easier than in past.

Pros and Cons of Honda CD 70cc 2020

When we look at the features of Honda CD 70 it loaded with them. But, everything have its drawbacks the major con is its highest price in the market that make it little bit costly to common man. The seat itself is comfortable but the cover looks cheap. 2nd problem you might get is mileage because the company claim that you get 80KM per liter but if you cross the speed limit and use the breaks in city you might not get the 80KM per liter milestone. Other than that the Honda CD 70 2020 Model is still the best one to buy.

Honda CD 70 Price in Pakistan

Atlas Honda CD 70 2019 new model is a formidable model and continuation of success for Atlas Honda’s series. Honda CD 70 new model is an extremely well-liked and appealing model. The value of the bike is expected to be around 74,000 PKR. Varied highlights of Atlas Honda mirrors that it’s unquestionably a bike that everyone adores to ride on that. Honda CD seventy 2019 model is exclusively attributable to its category and perfection. It’s in all probability the most effective bike in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Why? As a result of it covers a lot of distance in less fuel and shows an excellent average in fuel consumption during this regard. That is the explanation it’s moderate for anybody though the opponent bike marketing firms can’t provide a product which will even match with Honda CD seventy. Honda CD seventy new model is trying perfection at this moment.

Final Words

Finally, we conclude this long story and we can easily say that Atlas Honda bikes rock again with their new super hit model and Honda CD 70 2020 Model is a blessing for all middle-class population that wants to ride at a decent and a quality ride.

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