Honda CD 70 2019 Price In Pakistan

Today, we will talk about the recent arrival of Atlas Honda’s Honda CD 70 2019 new model.
Honda CD 70 new model and Honda CG 125 2019 is a hit model again and hot selling model. Last year Atlas Honda sold app 2 million bikes in which more than 50 % were Honda CD 70. And you can say that quite easily that Honda CD 70 is the most selling bike every year in Pakistan.
Many features of Atlas Honda reflects that it is definitely a bike that everyone loves to ride on it. Honda CD 70 2019 model covers app 80 KM in one liter which is a magnificent average for a bike and good for all riders. That’s why it is affordable for anyone whereas the rival bikes can’t give merely 50% of that. Honda CD 70 new model is a glimpse of perfection for sure. It also comes with more than 6 months of warranty and Atlas Honda claims if any complaint is received from customers. Honda Atlas definitely outclasses other 70 cc bikes because they are way too behind it. Honda Atlas price is nearly 65,000 PKR which is affordable for middle-class people. It’s been more than a decade as Honda Atlas bikes dominate on the roads of Pakistan and on an average more than 50% of bikes we see daily are of Honda Atlas and Honda CD 70 bikes are again more famous of Atlas Honda. For a decent ride, Honda motorcycles excel because they always focus on quality whereas other bikes could not match that criteria sadly. That’s why preference is always Honda Atlas when it comes to performance and elegance.

We will overview the features and specifications of Honda CD 70 2019 model. Honda motorcycle has all the features you can think of. Let’s see in detail.

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honda cd 70 2019 price in Pakistan

Honda CD 70 2019

Honda CD 70 2019 Model Features

  • Elegant Fuel Tank with cool graphics makes Honda motorcycles more appealing in first look.
  • Durable Horse Power in Engine made in Japan strictly gives durability in the engine performance all the way.
  • Economic 70 cc Power Engine is better for a decent average and good mileage for bike runners.
  • Muffler Exhaust with sporty touch is stylish than the previous model with all new looks.
  • Thick Rear Wheel and spokes are way better and stronger than 2018 model of Honda CD 70.
  • Elegant Shock absorbers make the ride smoother and calmer.
  • Seat bar is for comfort for the rider and two people can easily enjoy their rides on seat bar.
  • 80 Liter Mileage is simply outstanding for a high-quality performance bike.
  • 2 Year Engine Warranty is already there.
  • New Designed Easy Seat is for everyone.
  • 9 Liter Fuel Tanker Ample Capacity makes it impressive to take the ride for a long time without any hurdle.
  • Side cover Lock is newly introduced with a durable lock system.
  • Kickstart is always there in Honda instead of the automation
  • Powerful brakes covered with asbestos help to stop it easier than in past.
  • Switch assembly with modern technology is a new innovative feature by Japan designers.

Honda CD 70 Price in Pakistan


Technical Specifications of Honda CD 70 New Model

Engine Power OHC with 4- Stroke Frame Style Backbone style
Sheer Displacement  72 cm3 Dimensions of Honda motorcycle 1897 * 751 * 1014 mm
Stroke and Bore 41.4 mm * 47 Ground Clearance 136 mm
Ratio of Compression 8:8:1 Fuel Capacity 8.5 Liter
Clutch Multiple with plates Front Tire 2.25 – 17  (4 PR )
Transmission system 4-speed mash Back Tire 2.5 – 17   (4 PR )
Starting cause Kickstart Dry Weight 82 Kg
Reserve Capacity 1.5 Liter Cylinder No

Pros and Cons

In fact, Honda motorcycle has many features which are attractive for its riders but there are few drawbacks too that can be boring in sense. For example, the seat cover is not much comfortable as it was expected and Average of petrol mileage is not full 82 Liters but near to it. But still we can easily recommend Honda CD 70 2019 Model to other bikes because flaws are few but features and quality are more.

Honda Motorcycle Final Glance

Finally, we conclude this long story and we can easily say that Atlas Honda bikes rock again with their new super hit model and Honda CD 70 2019 Model is a blessing for all middle-class population that wants to ride at a decent and a quality ride.

Honda CD 70 2019 New Model Price In Pakistan

Atlas’ Honda CD 70 2019 new model is an impressive model and continuation of success for Atlas Honda’s series. Honda CD 70 new model is very popular and appealing model. The price of the bike is predicted to be around 63,500 PKR. Numerous highlights of Atlas Honda mirrors that it is unquestionably a motorbike that everybody adores to ride on it. Honda CD 70 2019 model is unique because of its class and perfection. It is probably the best bike in Pakistan. Why? Because it covers much distance in less fuel and shows a great average in fuel consumption in this regard.

That is the reason it is moderate for anybody though the opponent bike selling companies can’t give a product that can even match with Honda CD 70. Honda CD 70 new model is looking flawlessness at this moment.

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