Honda CB 150 2018 Bike full Specification and Price in Pakistan

Since late 2012 in Indonesia Astra, Honda Motor made a single-cylinder standard bike named as Honda CB 150 R. Honda CB 150 also known as a street fire which later turned into a series of bikes models. It is ranked as more economical in Astra Honda sports motorcycles series.

Honda CB 150 Sports Motor-bike Historical Invention:

At the Jakarta Motorcycle show in November 2012, the Honda CB 150 was introduced. This sports motorbike was introduced as a competitor to the Yamaha V-Ixion. The very first model was started selling in the market from December 2012 until August 2015. Bikers liked its latest features and its powerful engine impressed them really well. Then after August 2015, its second model was introduced in the market along with the Sonic 150 R underbone. The second model of Honda CB 150 was designed with a different engine configuration than comparing with the first one. And now in July 2018, the CB150 received an update cosmetic update.

Honda CB 150 2012 to 2015 Bike Model key Features and Performance:

The first model of Honda CB 150 cc has the following key features which provide you with a complete understanding of this sports bike.

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  • The bike model is mounted in a diamond truss frame.
  • The CB 150 model has a shared engine but with different tuning.
  • The engine of this model was claimed to have a power of 12.5 kW @ 10000 rpm and maximum torque of 13.1 N.m @ 8000 rmp.
  • The makers also claimed that the CB 150 has a 0-200 m acceleration in 1.6 seconds.
  • It contains a top speed of 122 km/h.

Performance of Honda CB 150 2012 to 2015 model:

  1. 0-60 km/h results in 3.8 s
  2. 0-80 km/h result 6.8 s
  3. 0-100 km/h result 11.8 s
  4. 0-100 m result 7 s at 77.9 km/h
  5. 0-201 m (1/8 mi) result 11 s@ 92 km/h
  6. 0-402 m (1/4 mi) result 18.2 s @ 111.2 km/h
  7. The top speed on the speedometer is 135 km/h
  8. Top speed race logic is not available.
  9. It consumes the fuel 3 km/L

Honda CB 150 2015 to present model key Features and Performance:

cb 150 honda

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There is a list of Honda CB 150 present model key features  given below:

  • In August 2015 the second and fully updated model of CB 150 was introduced.
  • This model contains new version engine configuration.
  • It also has a different body design form the first one.
  • It contains a complete LED lighting system.
  • Complete digital instrument panel design.
  • This year this model is updated with a minor feature.
  • The update includes a slightly reworked body worked.
  • It contains a new under-cowl
  • Updated with a detachable aluminum rear footstep.
  • Updated with a wavy disc
  • Updated with a revised handlebar position.
  • Also updated with an addition of passing lamp button.

Honda CB 150cc 2018 model Performance details:

honda cb 150 price in pakistanIn the list below there is some performance test given from Indonesia in September 2015.

  1. 0-60 km/h results in 4.1 s
  2. 0-80 km/h result 7.6 s
  3. 0-100 km/h result 13.5 s
  4. 0-100 m result in in3 s at 77.9 km/h
  5. 0-201 m (1/8 mi) result 11.5 s@ 92 km/h
  6. 0-402 m (1/4 mi) result 18.6 s @ 111.2 km/h
  7. The top speed on the speedometer is 130 km/h
  8. Top speed race logic is 117.2 km/h
  9. It consumes the fuel 5 km/L

Honda series CB 150 Full Specification with Comparison

Here is giving you the detailed specifications and comparison of Honda CB 150cc.

  • Engine and transmission:

From 2013 to the present the engine has the 4 strokes 4 valve single cylinder. The capacity of the engine was 149.5cc in 2013 model which becomes 149.16cc in the present model. Bore x stroke was 63.5 mm x 47.2 mm in 2013 and 57.3 mm x 57.8 mm in the present model. Compression ratio was 11:0:1 in the 2013 model and 11:3:1 in the present model. Both the models contains electric and kick start. It also contains final chain drive. And in the last has a liquid cooling system.


  • Cycle parts and suspension:

Both the models contain the steels diamond frame with truss structure. The front suspension is conventional 31mm. Front Tyre was 80/90-17 in old model and 100/80-17 in the present model. Rear suspension in both is steel swingarm with monoshock and proline. And ABS is not available in both the models. Rear tire in old model was 100/80-17 and in the present model is 130/70-17. Both contain single 220 mm disc brakes.

Honda CB 150 r 2018 model Price in Pakistan:

honda cb 150 fThe prices are different for different models. Like Honda CB 150 is 1,67000/- PKR in price and the other model Honda CB 150F is  1,76,000/- PKR in price. In the same way, if you want to buy Honda 150 CBR that model price is 6,60000/- PKR the most expensive racing model in sports biking.

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