Honda Accord 2019 Price in Pakistan – Specifications and Pictures

So people! What’s up? Are you all waiting for Honda Accord 2019 which is about to launch? So for all the interested ones here we going to provide you the complete details about that upcoming latest model. But before that let’s check out the background of the model Honda Accord 2019.

Honda Accord 2019 Model Background:

honda accord 2019Honda accord model is a series manufactured by the Honda Company from the year of 1976. The car is best known for its sedan variant four doors. This car is ranked as one of the best selling cars in the US since 1989. The nameplate of this car has been applied to the different variety of vehicles worldwide. That vehicle includes the coupes, hatchbacks, crossover, and wagons.

At the initial times of the car development, the Company has offered different cars bodies for the first model of Honda Accord 2019. In fact, the Accord nameplate is also assigned to the different vehicles as well. After all that the sixth generation of the accord was designed uniquely in the 1990s. The results evolved to an intermediate vehicle design. The platform was single but the body proportions were different to increase the competition. In 2007 the eighth generation model of the Honda Accord was released to North America. The company has chosen further upscale development and increase its size. By the time passes and taking a stand with the upcoming technology the car become more updated and powerful. The looks of the car completely define its class. The features and key specifications truly support the looks and quality of the car.

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In 1982, Honda Accord was the first model manufactured by the Japanese to be a sale in the United States. Today it is ranked as the best-selling car in that world. The present model of the Honda Accord 2019 selling in the market is its 9th generation model.

Honda Accord 2019 Model Details and Features:

honda accord 2019 dateHonda Accord 2019 is supposed to be the fastest car with the power of 192-horses. The new model of the Honda Accord is supposed to have the same likely engine like its previous models. The previous model of the car was not so bad in use. It was a pretty good one. The new model is designed by having little changes in its whole inner and outer appearance.

Honda Accord 2019 key features:

honda accord 2019 exteriorThere are key features of the Honda Accord 2019 model given in a list below.

  • The car contains the power of 192 horses.
  • It contains a torque of 192 lb-ft.
  • The cars contain5 L 4-cylinder powerful engine.
  • The Previous model of the Honda Accord 2019 has the great economy ratings of fuel.
  • To get even more power there is an optional capacity in the car to get 2.0L 4-cylinder which provides you 252 horsepower and more speed.
  • The cars contain a very sharp steering and the smooth drive. So it is estimated that the 2019 model will also follow the suit as well.
  • The car contains the driver assisting technology.
  • It is expected that the Honda Accord will have the sensing feature installed. Which may enable it to act like a robot.
  • The car contains the collision mitigation braking system. Due to this system if the car detects the unavoidable collision with the front vehicle and will help you to apply break.
  • The Honda accord 2019 is supposed to have a lane keeping system in which the car uses a radar to keep the lane clear markings.
  • It also contains a traffic sign recognition. In this system, it will use a small camera to recognize the traffic signs. It also shows its judgment in the speed limit, street signs and displays it with an icon for the driver information.
  • The car has a ton of space in the front, in the back, and in the trunk. Which will make you never feel cramps and a drive with comfort.
  • The fuel economy in the car is very impressive.
  • By comparing with the previous generations the new model has more sporty features and more fun to drive.

As you all know the official release date of the Honda Accord model is in 2019. The manufacturers also not disclose the exact information about the Honda 2019 model is mostly assumed by the previous ones.

Honda Accord 2019 Estimated price in Pakistan:

As discussed above the car is not launched yet so most of the things about the car are not so confirmed yet. So that its price is also not confirmed. The given figures and statements are estimated and mostly assumed but not the whole. The price of the car is estimated by the strong sources is about 137.5 lacs PKR. Once again the given figures are estimated, the price can be lower and more than the given figures.

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