Top Hairstyles for Women and Tips for Better Hairs

Have you tried something different over the years or just going on with the same boring hairstyle? You might feel that your face is used to it and by changing style; people may make fun of you. In reality, it is not the case, as you have to look for the one that suits your personality. Finding the hairstyle that suits you is easy to find online on different websites and blogs. It is now quite easy to have different look, as there are numerous hairstyles that you can adopt and present yourself differently. Here are some of the ideas for best hairstyles that would look awesome.

1. Chunking

This type of hairstyle requires dying but make sure you like to sacrifice the natural hair color. Certain areas are colored with different dyes. For instance, if you have blonde hairs, you can go for a chunk in the side or middle of your head and dye it. Black color can add attraction to your face and presenting something different while going out for attending party or wedding ceremony. If you are adopting this hairstyle, make sure that you do it professionally or ask your beautician to do so.

2. Short spike

Short spike are very much popular among young girls, especially those who do not like to be messed up in long hairs. It requires cutting of hairs to two to three inches all around your head. Next step is to determine that what type of dye you want to go for. Red and purple color can give you funky looks if you are not shy of adopting something different. Try different type’s dyes and find out that best suit your face. After dyeing your hairs, comb down or back from the face. Apply some hair gel to give them strong hold. The good thing about this hairstyle is that you do not need to spend a lot of time as they are easy to maintain and can be stylized without the help of any beautician.

Bi-colored Bob

Short or medium length bob offers you variety of options to adopt different styles that can suit your face structure. In this style, you can color the top layer of your hair with one color and apply another color beneath. If you feel comfortable, you can go for black and then decolorize the bangs to golden. For extreme looks, you can dye your hair every inch or two. The style is only suitable for those women who are easy to go with any style with confidence and don’t feel shy to face other people. Women who are living in conventional environment should not adopt this style. For better results, you should ask an expert.

5. Some tips to Remember
  • Do not use brush and spray your hairs excessively, as it can damage your hair, rather try to do it on special occasions.
  • Add a little amount of water with gel to get wet look for longer time.
  • Do not curl or straighten your hair when they are wet
  • When using hair conditioner, make sure to rinse it out properly

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