Most Googled Personalities of Pakistan in 2017

Well 2017 is over and as usual Pakistani’s have been busy searching away on Google and besides the most common Google searches, we are focusing on the many celebrities who stole the limelight and were the most searched celebrities on Google.

After Google unveiled its list of the top searches in Pakistan, we decided to search the lists high and low and get the list of the personalities who made the list and surprisingly there were so many that we had to leave out a lot of them.

Here is the list of Pakistani celebrities who were searched mostly throughout 2017.

1. Fabiha Sherazi

After the glamorous introduction in Fahad Mustafa’s hit show ‘Jeeto Pakistan’ Fabiha quickly rose to the top, people started searching all sorts of things about this girl. And thanks to her presence on social media and her Instagram account people quickly started searching her account and her pictures. But no one thought that she would make the top of Google’s list.

2. Nadeem Sarwar

Due to the many Nohas recited in multiple languages and his impressive range. Nadeem who is a Shiite poet and Noha reciter secured the number two position just behind Fabiha. But due to the large number of Shiite and Nadeem Sarwar’s amazing voice he deserves the place at number two.

3. Fakhar Zaman

If there was any cricketer who deserved to be on this list it was this guy, Fakhar Zaman. After his amazing performance in this year’s champions trophy and his man of the match performance in the final, Fakhar Zaman quickly got the fans purring for more. He has a bright future ahead and his batting will eventually help him reach the top.

4. Rishi Kapoor

An amazing actor of the Bollywood cinema Rishi Kapoor would never have been on this list if it wasn’t for the fact he tweeted perforating messages against the Pakistani cricket team just before one of the greatest clashes of the champions trophy, Pakistan vs India. He became the focal point of all the fury of Pakistani Fans before the match then the pun after the match when his tweet fell short of the promise.

5. Rida Isfahani

If it comes to TV actors this list should have had many but Rida Isfahani makes the number 5 spot. Her brilliant acting and her fans have kept searching her throughout the year. Her fans should be proud of their idol.

The other celebrities who made the list at a considerable higher ranking were FaryalMakhdoom, Javed Afridi, Ahad Raza Mir, Hania Amir, and Momina Mustehsan. All of them deserved a position higher than they got but don’t worry there is always nest year.

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