UK Fiance Visa – Requirements and Procedure

If you have a fiancé who is not living in the UK or also not a UK citizen, he/she needs to have a UK fiancé visa in order to stay or enter in the country legally. In order to get this visa, you will have to file a petition with the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration on his/her behalf respectively. After getting the approval from Bureau, your fiancé will then receive the UK fiancé visa from the UK embassy or consulate office in his/her home country in an effective manner. The approval from the bureau will be valid for a duration of four months, which will give you enough time to complete the process of obtaining the UK fiancé visa respectively.

Fiancé visa category in the UK embassy enables a person who is has a status of settled in the UK to bring his/her fiancé to the UK in a legal manner. A person in the UK having a settled status means that he is a UK citizen who does not have any sort of immigration restriction on his duration of stay in the UK. Fiancé visas are completely different from other partner category visa. In UK fiancé visa there is no such requirement for the applicant as well as the sponsor of living together before applying for this particular visa. Do remember that if you are a UK citizen and returning back to live in the UK, you can effortlessly apply for your fiancé visa to join you at the same time in an effective manner.

Requirements for UK Fiancé Visa

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In order to qualify for a UK fiancé visa you will have to fulfill below defined requirements in an effective manner:

  • The age of you and your spouse must be 18 years or above
  • You and your future spouse must have seen and met each other effectively
  • You and your future spouse must agree to live together on permanent basis after getting married
  • You must have proof of any previous relationship with you or your spouse were involved in has ended completely by all means
  • You and your spouse must have enough money or funds to fulfill your requirements without getting any sort of aid from dependents or claiming any sort of public funds
  • Your fiancé must have a minimum income of eighteen thousand pounds per annum or should have enough savings to be able to sponsor you. Level of financial requirement can also increase if you are going to sponsor children as dependents
  • You must appropriate accommodation for you and your future and for any future dependents in the UK

How Long You Can Stay in the UK

United Kingdom fiancé visa will allow your entry in the UK for a duration of six months respectively. In this duration, you must have to marry your fiancé in the United Kingdom in an effective and legal manner. After getting married, you will be able to apply for a UK spouse visa within the UK. The UK spouse visa will enable you to work in the UK and will also be granted a period of 30 months to stay in the United Kingdom legally. After spending five years on a UK spouse visa, you will then gain eligibility to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain, as long as you are married and meeting all your financial needs in an appropriate manner.

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