Disney And Fox Merger To Buy 21st Century Fox Assets

Disney the giant has snapped up a deal to buy a large chunk of the famous 20th Century Fox, This news came earlier this week when Disney owners confirmed the acquisition and stated that they and Fox will now be able to keep pace with the growing giants of online streaming services. This news suggests that Disney who is famously making films such as the avengers will now be making more films as alot of the assets being bought are famous movie characters.

The $52.4 billion deal is set to take a couple of weeks to finalize but the initial reaction from fans is pure joy and excitement, while the competitors look worried. “It’s certainly a historic merger but this is not the first time two studios have come together—20th Century Fox is itself the result of a merger,” filmmaker Jean-Luc de Fanti, who co-produced Good Time and American Made this year.

Disney now has control over the content and the characters in the Fox network, which is a huge boost for movie lovers, in the past Disney could not create specific key characters in movies as they were owned by Fox such as the Fantastic 4, Deadpool and others. This is a huge moment for movie lovers as many of the films will now have these key characters in them. Also with Disney set to fight out the streaming wars against Netflix and other key players, it can create several short series and movies with these characters which now they have control over.

On the small screen, the deal would offer Disney the chance to double its stake in streaming service Hulu to a controlling 60 percent, allowing it to fold the up-and-coming platform into its own streaming services being launched in 2019.

On a smaller note Disney can significantly increase its stake in Hulu and end up buying the company also with the fire power of Fox, Disney and the streaming services of Hulu we are looking at great years ahead for people who love to watch content. Disney can also continue and add a bit of flavor to ongoing hits that Fox is currently producing such as The Americans—and National Geographic cable channels, and movies such as The Revenant and the Avatar franchise, this will give Disney a lot of content to produce and distribute in the coming years.

Apart from all that movie lovers, superhero enthusiasts must have water dripping from their mouths when they heard the news, but what about the comic lover. People who read the comics must be familiar with alot of famous wars that can take place in the superhero universe with this acquisition, such as Avengers vs the Xmen, Deadpool vs Spiderman. These are all possible now and we can’t wait for Disney to start production.

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