UK Dependency Visa – Spouse Visa UK

If you are working in the UK, you have chances of having your family members in other countries for sure. There will certainly come a time when you will think it is the right time for them to join you within your new residence for sure. However, in the UK, it is not an easy task and there are vast majorities of people who completely underestimate the difficulty in this process. Immigration process in the UK is indeed quite complex, which means that it will take more time to complete it on your own. It is better to get the services of a specialist company, which can assist you in this process and you can also get advises from their highly qualified advisor who has been in this immigration department for many years.

UK dependent visa (Spouse Visa UK) will help you bring your family to live with you in the UK until you are on employment in the UK. There are many industries in the UK that holds a high recruitment rate for immigrant workers and the career prospects are vast. Dependent Visa category in UK embassy enables the dependents of an individual who is a permanent resident in the UK or a UK citizen to come to the UK to stay with them. This UK visa is specially made for families and children of UK residents and UK citizens who want their family from another country to come here and join them permanently. Individual who is a UK citizen or a permanent resident and upon whom the dependent visa application is referred to as a sponsor respectively.

If you get your visa application for UK dependent visa approved, the applicant will be granted permission to enter the UK and also the freedom to live in the UK without any sort of restriction. Moreover, there will also be no work restrictions on all dependency visa holders in the United Kingdom and they can work anywhere they like legally.

Eligibility Requirements for UK Dependency Visa

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The eligibility criteria for UK dependency visa are defined below:

  • In order to qualify for UK dependency visa you must be unmarried, civil partner of the sponsor or a spouse.
  • Children under 18 years of age may also accompany the sponsor to the UK as dependents
  • If you are applying as a dependent on behalf of someone who is an EEA national, the dependency age for children will then be 21.
  • There will be different criteria for the applicant depending on the type of UK visa which is held by the person who is sponsoring you in the United Kingdom

Before you get you UK dependency visa application approved, you will need to show proper evidence of the sponsor who you wish to become dependent on the UK has all the financial needs and can support you in all means in the UK respectively.

Stay Duration of UK Dependency Visa

If you have provided all the necessary documents and also are satisfying the relevant rules of UK immigration of UK dependency visa in an effective manner, you will be granted the Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK respectively. UK dependency visa (Spouse Visa UK) holders can also apply for the British Naturalization or for UK citizenship after a duration of five years continuously in the country in an effective manner.

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