Arth an Indian-Pakistani movie 2017

It is a new dawn for Pakistani Film Industry, New films are being made and directors are exploring new horizons to make sure that we are entertained. A new upcoming film Arth by film maker Shaan Shahid is an adaptation of a classic film by Mahesh Bhatt. The film is getting alot of hype and is said to be one of the greats of its time.

The film is filled with a star studded cast such as the likes of Shaan Shahid himself, Humaima Malik, Mohib Mirza and many more is set to release in Pakistan before the end of the year. The film revolves around the Idea of domestic violence, its types and empowerment of the people who have to deal with the domestic violence in Pakistan.

In a recent Interview, we got a closer look at the drive behind this project, as Shaan explained. He knows he has had a star studded career in the industry but the industry is still young and there is a lot of potential.  The Film is set to release in the US before reaching the shores of Pakistan, Shaan is excited by the prospect, He explains how he is excited that the film is being released in the US and this is just the kind of platform Pakistan needs to showcase its talent in the world. Shaan suggested that Pakistani Cinema is not inspired by Hollywood blockbusters or Indian super hits, he implied that Pakistan has its own flavor which it is trying to show.

When speaking about the project and what was the reason behind him signing on for the film, Shaan said that he said cherished the opportunity to exchange the culture between the two nations rather that just trade. He said that he believes the intellectuals, the movie goers, the future generations should bridge the gap between the two nations and people should be working for peace between the nations.

He urged people and the Indian communities to come out and support the cause of friendship and suggested that it has been a while since we have united on one thing and maybe this film will be the start of future endeavors together. He wants people to support and thanked Mahesh Bhatt for his support and appreciation of the project.

The film is set to bring the nations together and has been the talk of the town, if you are interested in the film they do check out the release date and hold on as this film is coming to a theater near you.

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