Arth The Destination Pakistani Movie

Lollywood Superstar Shaan Shahid is back with a new look in his upcoming movie Arth “The Destination”. In a TV show he discussed about his upcoming movie Arth “The Destination” as a director and actor. It proves that he is ready to move with the way things are being done in the current situation. However, he refused to hold a premiere of his film. Shaan Shahid preferred to watch the flick with the general public. In his interview Shaan Shahid said “I also believe in watching the film with the audience because they give you unbiased live review. That’s why we are not doing any premieres.

He also said that we should nurture the film even if it is described as a failure. In his movie he is playing a role of a singer who tries to become famous. Shaan’s Arth is the official remake of Mahesh Bhatt’s classic art film. In Shaan’s movie Arth there are two female actresses Humaima Malick and Uzma Hassan and male actor Mohib Mirza. In this movie the Humaima and Uzma playing the role of wife and mistress while Mohib has been roped in to play the husband.

The posters and trailers show that Arth is quite different from other films. They are shooting this Film in different cities of country. In this movie you can watch different beautiful scenes of London and also from Lahore Pakistan. Shaan and other actors are so excited and waiting for release. It seems that Arth “The Destination” will be successful project of Shaan Shahid’s life. Well best of luck Arth team.

release date 21 December 2017

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