11 Biggest Mistakes in Sales You Should Avoid

Selling is an art and no business can achieve success without getting required sales target in a year, month or biannually. It is important to hire skilled and experienced sales person who can show positive aspects of product without getting failed. Sales person are always looking ahead to trap their prospect clients in order to generate sales. The old ways of selling and retaining customers have not gone obsolete and still gives a better chance of great sales in a year. However, when it comes to sales person, the failure and success of selling products and services successfully depends on his abilities. There are numerous organization who failed in the past because of poor sales person, lack of vision and not implementing the right strategies. Here are few of the mistakes that you should not make during selling process.

Selling Product Instead of Solution

If the goal of organization is to earn revenue by generating number of sales, chances are that it will work for few months. After that it will be found in the pages of history and well taught in institutes as failed organizations. For this reason, you must focus on selling the solution to the problem instead of selling products or services. It is therefore important for salesperson to focus on how company and its new product can solve the problem of customers instead of giving long presentations on offers, benefits and features.

Depending Only on Presentation

Yes, you have made a good presentation with plenty of images, videos, bullet points and animations. But have you ever noticed that people don’t get involved in the presentation instead, they are looking at you to get to the point. I am not saying that presentations are not important but depending wholly on presentation might result in complete failure. Make sure to keep the presentation as a secondary medium and prepare well to present the product on your own. This will definitely increase the chances of sales.

Not Asking Questions

The more you ask questions from the prospects, the more likely you will generate sales. Asking questions from potential customers can surely make their mind on what they had ignored completely. If you are well prepared, you know how important it is to ask questions that is the biggest problem. Similarly, make sure ask the question like “Are you getting my point”, “Is our price burden on your pocket”, “Does it solve the problem” and similar questions will engage the audience. You have to write down the list of questions, memorize them and ask them. The questions will be determined after in depth research, proper knowledge of product/services and the solutions it can offer.

Believing in Low Price Strategy

Does it make sense that low price is the solution to your customer’s problem. If you have answered yes, you may evaluate yourself. How many times have you purchased something that was not solving any of your problem but was low priced? Probably, your answer will be none or one to two times. Now same goes for the product or services you are selling. If it has nothing to offer, it is completely waste. Your buyer will look for the quality and the solution to his problem rather than looking at low price with no solution.

Not Listening to Customer

A successful businessman or salesperson is the one who listens to other while they are speaking. If you don’t have that quality, your chances of generating sales are very minute. It is important to listen to client’s question, instead of throwing away your crammed material and presentation. As you present, customers come up with different questions that needs to be addressed at that time. If not, you are wasting customers as well as your own time.

Not Setting the Right Time

It is good to set the time on mutual agreement. Even if the appointment is set, make sure to give your client a reminder call and ask him if he feels comfortable to have meeting with you or not. You should not force him to arrange meeting. In case, he is having some important meeting or have to go out for work, make sure to reschedule the time. If the time is not right, attention will be distracted and your efforts will go waste.

Making the Presentation Boring

Imagine, how it felt when you were in the high school and your instructor was just boring enough to make you sleep and never listen to the lecture. The same applies here. You are an instructor and your client is a student and you have to make sure to create fun and humor in between instead of talking continuously. If you are just emphasizing on features and price of the product and leave the customer dull and flat, you might not expect sales. Rather, make sure to add visuals, videos and other such kind of things that retains customer’s attention.

Lying to the Customers

If you have successfully generated sales after lying about it, you might not survive too longer. It will be a complete disaster after a month or two when people will ask your company to give them what they were told. Make sure to tell all the positives and negatives of the product. Selling wrong thing will not only decline the sales of your company but will also effect negatively on your career and overall repute in the market.

Going off topic

No one has enough time to listen to your family issues, your recent achievement or what you are getting from the company. It is important to establish a good relationship with the customers but it does not necessarily mean that you share your private affairs with him and ask him to share with you. Staying on the topic is the key to success. How can you expect sales when you have wasted time on introducing yourself as a successful person instead of presenting the pros and cons of your product? The catch here is to stay on the topic and be concise and comprehensive.

Not Following up Leads

You picked up the phone, dialed a number from your office and told the person about what you are going to talk about. The next thing you ask is when to meet in order to discuss further in detail. The cold calling went successful and the person gave you time to meet on particular date and time. Now if you are not following the leads properly, chances of generating sales are very obsolete. Make sure to follow your leads without showing any carelessness because once you missed the chance, there is no turning back. No one has time to give to you and listen to your conversation.

Looking for Prospects Constantly

You might have successfully convinced prospect customer to buy your product. Your days are good, luck is shining and sales are generating more than expected. Now if you stop looking for new clients, chances are that company will not have enough sales in the next month. If you want success, make sure to bring in more customers so that you may not fail in achieving your monthly target. No business can afford to have nil sales in any month.

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